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Winter edition 01

(Season 3 Game 1)

Chronicles - Edition 1

Well after the dust up the Partridge Family received in the Grand Final, many questions were asked about how the boys would respond in the following weeks. Had they been staying in shape throughout the off-season, or had they let themselves go to waste and ruin the springboard for a perfect start to the winter comp of 00.

The rats from Weston ICA pulled another coup for indoor cricket by lining the family up against the undefeated premiers from the grade above for last season. Not sure how that works, but no doubt it is tied into the formula of playing catch up games when you are two games ahead of every other team in the comp!

We won the toss and batted...... not much choice seeing as we only had 3 players at kickoff! Mojo and Schlang opened the batting and cut loose with some lusty hitting and came from the pitch with the total on 37 runs - an unheard of opening partnership for the family!

DB and Sticks were up next and some "interesting" batting ensued. Catches were spooned to fieldsmen and stumps were knocked over by full tosses in an inept batting performance. This wasn't helped by Trevor Chappell on speed bowling at the other end. However some big hitting towards the end of the innings ensured they left with 42 runs to their name for a total of 79.

Next up were Gadj and WaWa (I think). Gadj making his return from a GF injury layoff and WaWa looking to carry on his good form from the end of last season. Gadj had brought the GF prize batting gloves (brightest blue colour known to man) and swung mightily throughout the innings, but WaWa struggled to cope with the glare coming from the non-strikers end, falling victim to Trevor Chappells dodgy bowling. However the boys limped from the court with a respectable 25 to their names and the score had topped the hunjee mark on 104.

Last in were Big Al and Herschelle who combined beautifully working the ball around the field nicely. Big Al went on an all out attack for the Partridge Family B&F prize (the much sought after Houndstooth jacket) and with the crowd geeing him on went for the back net repeatedly. Herschelle worked the ball around beautifully and the boys made a massive 44 to take the total to 148 surely unobtainable runs.

The boys came from the field pumped to have scored so many off the undefeated kings of Weston ICA and took to the field to defend their hefty total. However all knew that the family had surrended lesser totals than this to lesser teams - the pressure was on!

The bowling and fielding revealed a few things about the Partridge familys off season. The first was that the fielding had lost none of its deadly accurate throws, clean pickups and general excellence. The reason that they hadn't lost it was that they never had it!!!!!!! The bowling was varied with some good bowling from Herschelle, DB and Schlang going unrewarded. WaWa had lost his deadly fizzing, dipping, twirling delivery but still pulled out his trademark double bouncer - which off course got a wicket!!!!!!! Sticks had been preparing his bowling throughout his off season on the idea that bowling tripe gets wickets - and with great back up from the field, he led the bowling figures, much to Gadjs displeasure!!!!!!! Big Al and Gadj were solid but somewhere along the line the new ball was pasted onto the roof and out came the old ball for Mojos first over - he baffled the batsmen with the old ball, but he went to water when he regained the new ball just into his second over.

Still the run rate was climbing and the undefeated premiers were starting to feel comfortable with their chances as the last pair took their final stand.

The pressure was on in the last couple of overs with the bad guys closing in on the total - but in a most unPartridge like display the family rounded up wickets at regular intervals and Schlang was tossed the ball for the much feared last over. He took to it like a fish to water and as a result will get the honour of the 16th again next week!!!! The end result being the oppostion falling 23 runs short of the family and Partridge claiming the scalp of the premiers in the grade above them.

Still one could not help but get the feeling that Partridge may not have things go their way like this for the rest of the season. None the less onto next week the family rolls, full of confidence but as always - unsure of a line-up!!!!!!!! Game time is 6:50pm Tuesday night.

Outs for this week are Herc (last weeks 1st emergency) and Gadj, so we will need a reserve to step up to the plate. Please let Sticks know ASAP if you can play or not.

Until next week - this is Rebuen Kincaid signing off!

P.S. Oh yeah - the opposition only had 6 players, but we won't mention that again eh!!!!!! #;)

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