Kincaid Chronicle

Blardy Cold June Night

(Season 20 Game 11)

Date: 9th June 2009
Time: 6:50pm
Umpire: Wazzzzzzzzaaa
Ground: WACA

After one of the coldest June days on record, Da Famulee gathered for a meeting with long term rivals, The Kerwins Mob.

With the toss seemingly going our way, it was Mary, YCFTN’s decision to start off with Forrest and Kleenex. Some tight bowling from the Mob and some poorly aimed lofts from Forrest meant that after 4 overs Da Famulee had amassed an amazing platform of 1 run. Kleenex 12, Forrest -1 (Cha ching).

YCFTN sent himself and Knuckles in to steady the ship with the rationale being that Mary had hit Jackpot Zaks which lead to 50’s in each of his last 2 innings. This was quickly thrown out the window as he won the paper, scissor, rock off by selecting scissors to Nooclays paper. However in fine fashion Nooclays kept the streak alive lofting a zak off the first ball. This was the only bright light for this pair as Mary cracked the shits and Nooclays was bowled a mullion wides with the pair eventually scoring 32 runs. Nooclays 31, Mary 1.

Third out was Bangschlangalang and Bevo. The pair were off to a poor start and did not get going until their 4th over. Bevo resurrected the pair with a timely zak and with no wickets being lost in the final 14 balls, the pair ended with a tidy 2 runs. Schlang 2, Bevo 0.

The final pair to go out for a schlog was Hersch and Stickatek. Things started brightly enough with 13 off the opening over. The pair never really got going with any sort of lofty hitting, but bunted and ladled their way to a solid 24 runs. Stickatek stunk badly with his 14 coming off 22 balls, including 8 dots and Hersch bunted well for 10.
Team Total: 59

With a skipper with a red haze in his eyes and a deflated squad after a fairly poor batting performance, a positive result was not looking like a possibility. And those fears were quickly realised as the Mob’s opening pair took to Mary, Sticks, Hersch and Forrest for runs all around the park. They finished with 65 and things were done.

However Da Famulee were not about to give up. Some tight bowling from Schlang, Kleenex and Knuckles meant that a skin looked a sure thing. However, YCFTN did not have as much faith and gave the rock to Hersch to finish things. He did not disappoint and bowled a -5 over, leaving the pair with just 11 runs.

The third pair saw YCFTN, who was fired up from being chirped whilst batting up to bowl first. Chaos developed as Mary, bowling like Shaun Tait, bowled with good heat and a slight hint of cuntishness (Mankad) which brought a good amount of hostility to an otherwise friendly game. The next over was to be bowled by Forrest and he bowled well, but it will be remembered more for the verbal stoush between Mary and Spud which include multiple F’ing carnts and f’ing cheats. The third over was to be bowled by Knuckles and he bowled with great dip and fizz, taking wickets galore and ensuring the 3 points. The skin was still a chance and so Sticks was thrown the final over of the pair and told to bowl plenty of slower ones. It worked straight up with Mary losing half the skin off his leg for the catch. However, they cottoned onto Sticksy’s ways and he conceded 2 zaks to lose the skin.

The final pair was simply a formality. Bevo bowled his first over of the game and was unlucky to go for 21. Bangaschlangalang was next and also bowled without luck. The game ended with Kleenex and Bevo bowling tidy overs with the final score being Kerwin’s Mob: 151 def. Da Famulee 59.

Houndstooth points went to:
Knuckles 3 (+33)
Hersch 2 (-2)
Mary 1 (-5)


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