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Beers and Ciggies

(Season 19 Game 11)

Being nominated the Big C early in the week, I was prepared when I arrived at the house of blardyfarken.... in as much as I had had a couple of beers from the home fridge before departing.

My recollection goes along the lines of:

arrived at the house, had a smoko out the front & said g'day to Bev-Wah and Gaz. Checked the board for the host ground and popped upstairs to find Hersch and Monners (or as the scoresheet never lies, from now on, known as Bonners). I waved my hat around and found myself buying just the one beer.

Tex-arse arrived as I was opening, so I gather one more. Score so far, two Becks at home, one Mel Bourne (older brother of the former spy) and a Ted.

Indicating through the window, that we'd call heads and have a bat, I found I was ignored by those court side... meanwhile Schlangy arrived (one Ted) and Bevo popped up, ordering a Caarrlton instead of the usual Johnny Walker. It was about then I learned that in fact, we'd have a bowl, against the Chickeny Duck Bears.

On entering the field, the score was:

2 Becks
1 Mel Bourne
2 Teds
1 Caarrlton
3 cigarettes

But moments before we started, someone raised & waved a hat and me raising the hand. The shout accounting to 1 more Caarrlton, 1 Mel Bourne, 3 Teds. These were pretty much started, then stored until we retired from the field.

During the next period, I got sweaty, we hauled Gaz in to fill the gaps, having started with only 6 players. A couple of us took some wickets: Gaz, 6/-11 off two, Herc 8/-8 off three, including two extra deliveries in the 16th. Others didn't do so well.... Bev-Wah 2/27 off two.

The Polar Duck-things had a bunch of runs, that weren't ever going to be enough (44) at the end.

We raced off the field to down the left over beers from earlier, the score now:

2 Becks
2 Mel Bourne
5 Teds
2 Caarrlton
7 cigarettes

Various of us left the seating arrangement for short spells, while we either swung a bat randomly, or went for a smoko or more refreshments. About the brightest piece of decision making all night, that of deciding to ensure Bev-Wah and Gaz couldn't be paired.... This did require that Bevo bowl two of the last four overs then start the bat thingy time...

Pretty sure, while they were batting I waved a hat around, the call this time amounting to another Mel Bourne another Caarrlton from the court, and two more Teds.

Score breakdown was:

2 Becks
3 Mel Bourne
7 Teds
3 Caarrlton
9 cigarettes

During the bat thingy time, there was another shout, the usual order, less one Ted. Toward the end, Herschelle got to bat twice and did much better second time around. He and I scoring more that the Polar whatsies could put together in 16 overs..... with Hersch finding a 9 on the scoresheet.

We headed upstairs, I had another smoko and Bev-Wah got the round, this time the full complement, so the score being:

2 Becks
4 Mel Bourne
8 Teds
4 Caarrlton
12 cigarettes

There was some chatter.... something about a game of something at the SCG, but I was nowhere near Syder Knee....

We got another round, and knowing there would have to be a drive home, called it stumps on:

2 Becks
5 Mel Bourne
9 Teds
5 Caarrlton
15 cigarettes

Well done Da Famulee... some of our finest work.

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