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Going for two in a row

(Season 19 Game 10)

Following on from a resounding win the previous week, I walked into the House of Blardyfarken full of confidence that Da Famulee was on a roll and would not be beaten tonight... that was until 5 of the 8 players for the evening pushed past me as I walked up the steps to get out for a smoke!!!

Having noted that we had a team of affaletes (as opposed to athletes) I decided that we'd bat first... well not so much decided but apparently lost the toss and they said they'd field. I say apparently as the entire team was either at the bar, or out the front having a smoke and a beer - who said drinking isn't good for your criggit.

Ignoring the calls of "hurry up" from the umpy, I cast my eye over the team looking for those primed to open the batting. Seeing no-one fitting that description, I went for the trusty beer countback. Looking around, most players assembled had not only a beer, but two beers in hand, so Forrest and Hersch were sent packing first. They set about building a fine platform while seeing off the new ball. Forrest zakking up a low one (about 10cms from the floor) and we were off to a flyer with 22 from 2 overs and my confidence was even higher - 2 runs from the next two overs dampened that somewhat, but never mind.

Pabs and Bev-wah were up next and set about dismantling the bowling... hmmm actually perhaps it was despatching the bowling??? oh no wait, i've got it - bunting the bowling to all corners..... well as long as those 'corners' were at the front of the court!!! It was a joy to watch though with Pabbsy's impregnable defence and Bev-wah swinging lustily and zakking up, they cruised to a partnership of 33 and we were on target for a good score.

Schlangy and myself were in next and again off to a flyer with 11 from the first over... then 13 after two... 16 after three and with a fine (as in gold coin, not heidi klum sense of the word) last over we departed with a partnership of 15.

Herc and Beefcakie were up last, and the crowd roared its approval with a minus 5 over to start. Followed by a minus 1 over and da kitty was warming up. Unfortunately Nath "imacheap" Hoare found the strike zones of both "batsmen" for zaks and a cavalier 21 from the over saved a negative partnership... DAMN!!!

We bounced into the field and I was sure with tight bowling and electric fielding, we could defend our total of 79..... for at least the first four overs. And I was spot on - after bewdiful overs from Herc (zakked from the jackpot ball), Forrest, Pabs and Boooocake we had won the game with 5 runs to spare.

Pity we then had to bowl the remaining 12 overs and get pasted all over the court - highlight for everyone else being the catches I dropped off my own bowling, including a delightful parry... this clubs pharked!!!!!

I quickly adjusted my targets and rang Sportsbet to wager Gadj's entire self managed super fund (i.e. 3 chocolate donuts and an old coffee that had turned partridge green) on us winning by 100+ runs.

I was somewhat nervous for Gadj's life savings as I threw Schlangy the ball in the 16th over with only a three run lead. One dot ball and a soup-burb hat trick later and we were cruising with smiles all round. Two rebowled extras and a zak later and I wasn't so relaxed, but we came from the field with a magnificent 1 run victory.*

The numbers:
With the blade
Bevwah 19
Pabbsy 14

With the pies
YCFTN 6 for -8
Hersch 3 for 7
Boofcakie 3 for 11

Having had a dirty night in the field, personally racking up a close to PB six goldies and copping sh!t from all and sundry, I decided my captain's fine for the evening was for anyone who DIDN'T drop a catch off their own bowling. Cha-ching bee-arches... he who laughs last, is generally the captain!!! #;)

Yours in much more purplier splendour


* May have actually been a 99 run shellacking

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