Kincaid Chronicle

Toosday January 6

(Season 19 Game 8)

Opposition: Kerwin's Mob
Venue: MCG
Time: 7:20pm
Umpire: Christian Bale

Another Toosday, another fight with up and coming rivals the Kerwinís Mob. Da Famulee assembled with a quiet confidence of good things to come which was quickly evaporated as Skip and Hersch strode to the crease after the toss was somehow won or lost and Da Famulee ended up batting anyway. After a good start with 11 coming off the first over, the pair plummeted to overís of 1, -10 and 3 to finish up with the solid platform of 5. Skip 9, Hersch -4 (Cha Ching).

The second pair of Chad and Kleenex strode not so confidently to the crease but produced a solid performance. The third over was particularly noteworthy with Le Charde hitting a beautiful zac and scoring runs freely, whilst Kleenex tried his hardest to moon walk the score back to negative posting -12 for the over. Despite this setback the pair scored 33. Le Charde 26, Kleenex 7, team 38.

The third pairing of YCFTN Mary and Schlang was next in with the rationale being that Mary had never batted with Schlangadangalangylang before. Things began well with the pair scoring squillions of runs to be 28 after 2 overís and a big pair looked likely. However, Mary decided to take it upon himself to make it a more competitive total, free falling like Tom Petty to finish up with a pair of 24. Mary 15 and Schlangy 9, team 62.

The final pairing of the late Sticks (Cha Ching) and Forest strode out looking to score the 38 runs needed to gain triple figures and as such a respectable score. However, things were not looking good after a shaky first over with only 1 run off the bat, coupled with an out and 3 wides to Sticks leading to an opening over of 2. Things took off however with Sticks and Forrest both hitting a zac and scoring freely to finish up with a super dooper 52, taking the team total to a more competitive 114 on a seaming and swing MCG pitch. Sticks 35, Forrest 17, Team 114.

The change of innings brought in calls of a sure victory, despite Maryís appalling captaincy record. To change this Mary decided to open the innings himself and bowled with great pace and accuracy to finish with an over of 0. This was backed up by unlucky overís of 13 and 13 by Hersch and Le Charde who deserved better and Sticks who secured to consolation wickets with his last 2 balls, going for 2 runs. The opposition finishing with 29.

The second pair started with a jackpot wicket from Kleenex and some good bowling putting the mob on -7. Schlang and Forrest quickly let the Hansen boys off the hook with overís of 20 and 26 before a fired up Skip bowled a great over which has been described as the best since D.K. Lillee played for the Yepabilly Scorpion Dodgers in the Toosday C Grade competition where he knocked 3 opposition batsman into the ICU before that match was abandoned. The pair ended up with 38 and the mob moved to 67 and looking in control.

With plenty of work to do, Mary decided to bowl the rest of the overs in the reverse order, meaning Forrest was up next. He bowled better this time around but still went for 13. Skip was asked to bowl next which was met with a question of if YCFTN was serious. Mary indeed was serious and the tired Skip bowled without luck going for 9. Schlang bowled the next over going for a series of wunnnnsss and chtews, eventually leaking 11 runs. Kleenex was last up for this pair, bowling with guile and finesse, going for -2. The pair ended with 31 and the team moved to 98 with a miracle now in order for Da Famulee to win. That miracle looked unlikely after Mary was punished for 19. Le Charde bowled next, and was again without much lucky, going for 11. This was followed by Hersch who bowled well and restricted the Mob of Kerwin to 6 runs. Surely they couldnít lose it from here, and they didnít. However Da Famulee did win the last skin (and the match in some centres, unfortunately not this one), Sticks choking the opposition of scoring opportunities and securing the 3 points with an over of 4.

The final result, Kerwinís Mob 138 (3 skins) defeated Da Famulee 114 (1 skin). The points going to Sticks (3 (+29)), Kleenex (2 (+16), Le Charde (1 (+2).


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