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Partridge Famulee vs Eastern Lights

(Season 17 Game 2)

20th Movember 2007.

Third time lucky, and I finally get to Captain Da Famulee after many many

It’s all a blur now, but from memory we must have won the toss, ‘cause we
elected to bat.

First pair in are Bevo and Texas. They started proceedings with a
promising –ve 2 for Bevo and –ve zilch for Texas. No zacs were hurt in the
making of this partnership which ended in an unconvincing 20. Split of 8
to Bevour and 12 to Texas – no chainsaw massacre – Holdem.
The captain needed a stronger springboard to propel our score to a
reasonable number. Something above 80 would be a risible, yet defensible
score. So, I sent in Herschelle and Schlanga-lang to put some pep into the
equation. These two are always good for entertaining the crowd and they
didn’t disappoint. Schlang provided some backbone to their innings with a
massive 6 runs, whilst the rubber man managed to do something that I
thought was just not possible…he got run-out. Total score for this pair
coming in at 22 runs.

Things were still looking reasonably Famulee like, with the score at 42 so,
in go Gaz and Sticks, both carrying their zac-o-matic bats under their
arms. Unfortunately Sticks forgot to pull his bat out from under his arm
and he managed zero zacs, whilst Gaz was run out left, right and, centre
and he even got caught once. He did manage to score a zac, which made it
the first for the game. Total score an unlucky 13 for this pair, but no
–ve scores. Gaz on 11 and Sticks on a fantabulous 2.

Time for the Captain to rescue this mob. With the help of Dubyah (spelled
the yank way on the scoresheet – W), the score reached an unlikey 68.
Captain Kleenex was bowled, stumped, and run-out, but not caught. Ha ha.
-2 and a cha-ching. Dubyah on 15 producing another onimous unlucky score
of 13 runs.

Having proven that I have no talent with the bat, I decided to punish
Dubyah. But, he was too stuffed (or cried like a little girl) to bowl, so
I opened instead. I managed to sneak a wicket for a total of 9. Dubyah
had wiped the tears by this stage so, he bowled next. He only gave away 4,
with one run-out and one bowled. Schlang had a go and the batsmen had by
now got their eyes in so, they took 14 from him. Herschelle did slightly
better with 12. First partnership on 39 and almost level with our total

Gaz, Texas, myself and Sticks bowled to the second pair…and it wasn’t
pretty. Texas proved to be the most expensive of the lot, giving a
“chainsaw-massacre” performance with his bowling to give away 25 runs,
including 2 super-zacs. Second most expensive was yours truly, having
started with a caught, nice and low, but giving away a zac and some
leg-sides. Gaz was third with 12. Two zacs in that one too. Sticks was
the only one not to be zacked by these two batsmen but, he still managed to
give away 8. So, the score was well and truly past ours, on 98.

Next set of bowlers were Dubyah, Gaz again, Bevour, and Herschelle. Dubyah
started well with two catches and one run-out to have them at –ve 8. Gaz
made up for his previous indiscretion with the ball by giving away only 3
runs. This despite only getting one wicket by way of a run-out. So, very
tight bowling. Bevo proved to be the most expensive out of this group,
giving away 6 runs. Two zacs and two catches made his figures look very
poor. We are very tough indeed. Herschelle finished off this pair with a
very nice 2. Two catches were handy and some tight bowling helped as well.

With the score on 101, the last pair were under no pressure to make sure of
it. They faced the might of da Famulee in the shape of Bevour,
Schlang-alang, Sticks and Texas, but with no need to score big, they took
14 each off Bevour and Schlang, followed by a ‘spank-me-a-lot’ 23 from
Sticks, and ended with an easy 9 from Tex[as] to finish on 61, securing a
very likely win with a total team score of 162.

Captain Kleenex.

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