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Kincaid Chronicles - vol 16

(Season 2 Game 18)

Newsflash - Finals start, Partridge confident of success. See bottom for more details on upcoming finals. Dateline 13/6/00 - Black Tuesday at Weston ICA

The game was scheduled to start at 6:40pm, and I observed on my arrival (at 6:45pm) that the return of WaWa in his return from his Heartbreak Tour of the US had inspired the lads and the Partridge Family were ready for battle, fully kitted in 8 shirts for the first time in a long time! The scene was set for an inspiring battle to finalise the ladder for the finals in a weeks time.

With Jase watching on from the sidelines stand in skipper Sticks lost the toss, but the family was always going to bowl first anyway as the opposition only had 4 players at kickoff. The bowling and fielding of the family was a sight to behold with the boys jumping out of their skins - to say that Inzy and Schlangs reflexes were catlike in the field would be doing them an injustice! WaWa was throwing the keepers knees down from everywhere and the inspirational bowling changes (the changes went in clockwise order of the field) were beginning to tell on the opposition.

The highlights from the field was the bowling of WaWa who seemed to be using one of those balls that showed you were to put your fingers. The ball was drifting, dipping, spinning, fizzing, zooting and doing god knows what else out of his hand and the opposition had no idea!!!! It was tremendous stuff and the two wrong uns had even WaWa baffled - the only problem was the batsmen were so confused, they couldn't even lay an edge or spoon a catch to the awaiting field! The other bowling highlight was big Al whose pace unnerved the batsmen and netted him the season best figures of -22 from his 2 overs!!!

The only other item worth mentioning from the field was Clints dropped catch which was Herschelle Gibbs-esque and will apparently be investigated by the King Commission!!!

We retired from the field with 90 runs to chase and the crowd was baying for another crushing victory for the Partridge family.

Mojo and Sticks opened the batting and with judicious use of the top net slogged their way through the first 4 overs. Without even a hint of the terrible running problems that befell them the previous week, they registered 88 runs - falling just 3 runs shy of an outright victory!!!

In next were Trev and Inzy who combined well to score a hard earned 33 runs. Inzy not altogether pleased with Trev making him run 2's and 3's and also Trev running him out with some classic drop and run and also holding his ground while Inzy set off. As the saying goes, it's all about averages at this time of the year and Trev put in a masterful performance!!!

Up next were Big Al and Wa "Mushtaq" Wa who set upon the bowlers with reckless abandon. Big Al was striking the ball crisply but fell victim to some freakish runouts (freakish in that the opposition actually hit the stumps) before the human highlight reel WaWa provided another one for the tapes. With the rest of the family baying for WaWa to nail his first zac of the season, he decided to open the shoulders and cut loose. Unfortunately one of his shoulders must have given way, as he managed to somehow swing, miss, stumble and jam his thumb between his knee and the bat handle before hitting the deck causing him to howl in pain and the family to howl with laughter. He was able to regain his composure however and the all rounders came from the field with 12 well earnt runs to their names!

To round out the innings Schlang and Clint "Herschelle" Fritz strode to the middle intent on bashing the living daylights out of the tatters that remained of the bowling. They failed miserably as Herschelle stuck to Hansies pre match plan for the lucrative skins betting market and they came from the field with 14 runs.

But all in all a superb confidence inspiring victory for the family in the lead up to the finals commencing tomorrow. With a finals system dodgier than the one that allowed Carlton into last years Grand Final, Weston has scheduled the family for a 5:30pm game followed by an 8:10pm game to see if we can make the grand final.

All players please register their availability as I have the following players:
Inzy Schlang WaWa Herschelle Big Al Groper (Trev) Mojo Gadj Sticks Jase

But all available family members (past and present) players and supporters are encouraged to attend the pizza/grog session in between games were many laughs, stories, beers etc will be consumed!!! Gadj is rumoured to be making an appearance (complete with freshly broken nose from footy) and a good time is guaranteed!!!!!!!

SEE YOU AT THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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