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International Bukkake Appreciation Day

(Season 16 Game 19)

A 5.30 game was arranged so that YCFTN Bicarkey could go out and get on it
for his birthday. Stackhats were publicised on the website but the uptake
by participants wasn't great. Cha Ching. The kitty loves them here.

As YCFTN Bacarkeys promptly lost the toss and the chickeny Ducky Things
took to the field, Noo Clays was sans hawaiian after using his as a carpet
replacement in his lounge room. Cha Ching.

The Whoever We Playeds got off to a flying start, with some ordinary
bowling and boring arse batting allowing a steady flow of runs to come
from the Partridge bowling attack*. At least one cha ching was had from
Bevo dropping a catch (apparently he had goldies on standby at the birth
of his son) and Rooby Roo setting a new record for shortest pitched
delivery in Famulee history**.

Kanuckles was seen tampering with the circle shortly before or during over
number 12, and what a move that turned out to be.

It wasn't until the final skin that we started to shine, we all know we're
notoriously slow starters*** not used to being sent into the field.
Memorable was some inspired outswing bowling from Herschelle, his second
over giving up a zak on the first ball, and then delivering six balls in
succession which swung through the strike zone into the waiting gloves of
McCardle for dot dot run out dot dot run out. I was visibly aroused
behind the stumps and didn't think Forrest would be safe at close fielder
if the over got too much better. I somehow managed to not spooge myself
and we walked off with our heads held high. They ended up with a hundred
and something after a negative final skin, beautiful to watch.

Batting as always was Da Famulee's chance to sledge, some lovely guesswork
by the umpire**** saw us manage to amass 170something and walk away with a
comfortable wictory. A sensational 50 from The Texas Ladle Massacre was a
standout, congratulations Tex on being added to the list of 50 makers
including Sticks, Sticks and Sticks among others.

Super effort that, bring on the next effort in the Chickeny Ducky Thing
March To The Finals.


*Attack used with poetic licence.
** May not actually be a record, but should be.
*** If we start at all.
**** What game was he watching?

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