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Surely this is still a grading game…???

(Season 16 Game 13)

Welcome to Season 16, Game 13 for Da Famulee.

It was with pride and honour that Reuben appointed me as the Big C for the night. Also known as YCFTN – Your Captain For The Night. The fact that I also had the shirts was of minor consequence, as was the fact that young Bush was also in town and ready for his 2nd appearance representing the purple and lime green.

So, we gathered in the House of Baloooodyfaaaaarkin (who was no where to be seen) for our duly scheduled 5:30pm game against “The Ducks”, a side we hadn’t played thus far in Season 16. Surprising that we hadn’t played them, given that we seem to play either Bushies, Mod Squad or Kerwins Mob every other week! Still, thanks to Pabs who got us a ring-in at the last minute for Ruby-Roo, we have 8 players ready to go.*

*Players may actually be making up numbers totalling 8.

Our side consists of Pabs, his mate from Medicare Peter, Herschelle, Bukkake, Bevo, Gaz, Bush and YCFTN. The ump, Shane, gives us the hurry up to get going, Boo-cake says we’ll bat (on behalf of YCFTN).

Given the timing of our 13th Game of Season 16, I notice that a few milestones were looming for some of the players in our selected side. Would they reach them? Only time would tell. Also, after 12 games thus far, Da Famulee have a 6 – 6 record. That is, 6 wins and 6 losses, with Knuckles boasting as the “Most Winning-est Captain” for the Season.

For Bevo, this was game number 50 of ‘Career Games Played’ and it was great to see that he had finally achieved this. Bevo was also chasing a milestone of 25 ‘Career Zaks Scored’, with him sitting on 24 coming into this game. Still on Bevo, his milestone of 100 ‘Season Runs Scored’ was just around the corner as he was sitting on 98 runs, and, he needed another 4 wickets to reach ’25 Season Wickets Taken’.

Herschelle, like Bevo, was on 21 wickets so far and needed another 4 wickets to reach ’25 Season Wickets Taken’. YCFTN had so far amassed 187 runs and required another 13 runs to reach ‘200 Season Runs Scored’. Forrest also required 3 wickets to reach ’25 Season Wickets Taken’.

Milestones for Sticks, Mary, Pabs and Knuckles (as shown on the website at 5pm July 2, 2007) would have to wait another time…

Onto the game.

YCFTN sends out Bevo and Bukkake as the opening pair, despite protests from Bukkake that he had a beer in his hand! Not a good start from the pair, who were faced with cries of “Scoreboard’s broken!” after their first 2 overs. Despite a backward start, the guys actually turned their efforts around and had 32 runs on the board after 4 overs. Plenty of ‘Wa Wa Sways’ helped their cause. Bukkake hit 10 runs and Bevo 22 runs. Milestone for Bevo is reached with 100 Season Runs Scored. No Zaks for Bevo means he still sits with 24 Career Zaks Scored, but you could tell he was trying for it!

Next pair of YCFTN and Bush went out to build on a solid innings from the previous pair. First ball faced by Forrest (YCFTN) is dabbed, no score but then the 2nd delivery is the best piece of fruit ever faced and duly smashed into the back of the net for a zak. Not a bad start!

Then Bush does some fine bat swinging, occasionally connecting bat and ball together as you do in the finest traditions of the game, and the dabbage pays off. Sadly, Bush gets run out at one stage but on a positive note, YCFTN belts another zak and the 2nd pair score a partnership of 49 runs, 15 to Bush and 34 to Forrest. Milestone for Forrest is reached with 200 Season Runs Scored.

Third pair for Da Famulee, Herschelle and Pabs, wasn’t a great start. A couple of wickets early was soon fixed with plenty of ‘sways’ from Hersch later in the innings, along with a few 2’s and a few wuuuuuns to keep the scoreboard ticking over. In fact, Hersch had some easy runs, having 5 wides against his name when batting. Hersch was also robbed of a zak, which didn’t help. Pabs, I think, stitched himself up at one stage, although it was difficult to tell. The general mayhem that is un-attentive umpiring coupled with calls of “Yes”, “No” & “Waiting” will also make the Captain wonder whether he’s made the right selection…Still, despite this, the pair made 23 runs and after 12 overs we were at 104 runs, Hersch with 19 runs and Pabs 4 runs, against their names.


Last pair for Da Famulee were Gaz and Peter (Famulee nick-name to be applied a.s.a.p.) and like earlier calls, the cries of “Scorebaord’s broken” could be heard echoing across the House of Bloooooddyfaaaarkin. Not that it seemed to help. Pete, swinging and connecting gracefully, made a couple of good runs only to be taken backwards, much the same for Gaz, who struck the ball beautifully, including a zak, only to then be either caught, or caught again. A few two’s and three’s were added to the scoresheet (which never lies), but sadly, the boys took us back for a final total of 97 runs. The sound of ‘cha-ching’ was beginning to become a common occurrence.

With no set formula in mind for bowler selection, YCFTN gives the opening over to Boo-Cake. His usual ‘fizz’ was sorta there and it paid off, with a couple of wickets. Boo-Cake after his over then wanted to assume the role of ‘Keeper’, but was quickly denied by YCFTN as already Bevo was showing signs of brilliance behind the stumps.*

*Definition of ‘Bevo’ and ‘Brilliance’ together in the same sentence is still being determined.

Next over was from Bush, who bowled without luck, and nearly a ‘cha-ching’ for wides, but wasn’t to be. Then Pabs had over 3, again no luck or wickets, followed by YCFTN, who bowled over 4 and failed to collect a wicket. The lack of wickets against the first pair saw then score 34 runs and take the skin by 2 runs.

YCFTN, still working on the theory that random bowling selection must one time pay off, gives the ball to Peter to begin over 5. Expensive it was, with 15 runs taken. Welcome to Da Famulee Peter! Herschelle, who’d been moving across the back net and providing excellent coverage via his rubber like frame, took over 6 and a wicket for his efforts. He was closing in on his Milestone. Gaz and Bevo rounded out overs 7 and 8 with a wicket to Gaz but not to Bevo, who still is within reach of his Milestone too. A good effort in the field and we keep The Ducks to a 2nd partnership of 37 runs and win the skin.

So, after 8 overs, the Ducks were 71 runs and on a comparison, we had 81 runs. Surely we couldn’t lose it from here?

So, with Peter to take his 2nd over, he tries gallantly to get a wicket or 2, but no dice! Herschelle’s 2nd over was marginally better with a wicket recorded (but no Milestone reached in this game), then Gaz produces some fine ‘dot balls’ but no wickets and then over 12 is given to Pabs which produces no wickets and only a handful of runs. Our opposition also get this skin by 3 runs.

After 12 overs, The Ducks are a total of 97 runs. Hey, that’s out total score. So, what took us 16 overs to achieve, The Ducks manage to do in 12. D’oh!

Still, there are 4 overs to go and I’m confident that we can make it 6 wins in succession.*

*May not actually be confident!

So, after consulting Horoscopes, Weston Bar Wenches, the tides and tea leaves, the last four overs would be bowled by Bevo, Bush, Bukkake and YCFTN in that order.

Bevo, who’s still after several wickets for Milestone purposes, fails to snare a wicket but does manage to ‘cha-ching’ himself for 3 wides during his 2nd over. Bush is next, picking up a couple wickets, including a fine run-out from Herschelle, preventing a zak from being recorded against his bowling. Bukkake, who was confident that YCFTN would give him the 16th over, had over 15 and it proved to be quite expensive for he did get a zak recorded against his bowling. Finally, over 16 is taken by YCFTN, an honourable thing to do, and despite 2 wickets (and no Milestone achieved), manages to drop a catch off his own bowling (yes, a cha-ching) with the resultant bruising colour of Forrest Peach coming out nicely across the palm. The opposition’s final pair score 36 runs taking their total to 133 runs, defeating Da Famulee by 36 runs.

The 5 game winning streak is over.

On a positive note, the kitty was the winner on the night, but that’s nothing unusual. Afterall, it’s the purple and lime green way.

Top scores with the bat:

Forrest – 34 runs
Bevo – 22 runs
Herschelle – 19 runs
Bush – 15 runs
Bukkake – 10 runs


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