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Fellow Chickeny-Duck Things….

(Season 15 Game 22)

It’s Season 15 and Game 22, yes that’s right, game 22 out of a possible 222 games for this summer competition over the summer of 2006/07. And summer it was in the House of Blooooodyfaaaarkin, soooo hot as the afternoon sun had well and truly baked the MCG for the purple and lime green of Forrest (YCFTN), Boof, Bukkake, Herschelle, Knuckles, Schlang, Skip and Sticks.

Our duly appointed Umpire (and a young, feisty and somewhat ‘blind’ Umpire he would be as it turned out) tossed the coin, our opponents the Pawtucket Patriots called ‘Heads’ and the coin came down ‘Tails’. Your Captain For The Night (YCFTN) decides that we’ll take to the field and bowl, much to the disappointment of a fellow Chickeny-Duck Thing (ie Knuckles) and he’s rewarded with the opening over of the match.

What an opening over it was! A wicket and a zak against Knuckles’ name. Then Skip rips in with a tidy 2nd over, followed by Schlangy who bowled without luck and a bit if fizz from Bukkake with the 4th over, and we’ve got the Pawtucket Patriots to be 21 runs after their 1st pair.

YCFTN gives the ball to Sticks (who had been doing some fine work and catching – just catching – on the back net) to begin over 5. Good start with his 1st delivery going wide. Surely he couldn’t bowl another 2 like that and donate a goldie! Still, a good over, with the 6th over going to Boof, although our young and feisty Umpire lists him as ‘Wolf’ on the scoresheet (what a dud!) who has a couple of wickets to his name. Herschelle makes good use of the ball in the 7th over to keep the scoreboard quiet, followed by YCFTN, who drops a catch (cha-ching) but is back-up beautifully by Sticks to make a run-out. After 8 overs and the halfway mark, we have contained them to a total of 57 runs.

Into the 2nd half of our efforts we go and after a blistering performance with the ball earlier, YCFTN gives Skip to chance to repeat the effort, and so he does! A few dot balls, a couple of wickets and we have them reeling. A trend that continues with Herschell snaring 3 wickets, then Wolf, er, Boof scoring a wicket from a run-out that the Umpire finally sees despite Knuckles’ best efforts to repeatedly throw down the stumps, and the 12th over from Schlangy also producing several wickets. These guys went backwards on the scoreboard. Could they have possibly been watching the Famulee’s recent efforts where going backwards is the norm? Backwards by 20 runs and we have them at 37 runs after 12 overs.

Enter their final batting pair, eager to make up for lost ground, for a belting of our bowling. But Knuckles got them back with several ‘man-kats’ (and cha-chings for the kitty) which only made one of their batters see red! The tosser – he wasn’t happy that Knuckles didn’t warn him of the intention to man-kat and we rightly put him back in his place to say “We don’t have too.” Anyway, Knuckles still got carted for zaks of his bowling, as was Bukkake, Sticks and YCFTN. Never happy when a zak is against your name from your own bowling, but after 16 overs, we contain our opposition to a total of 82 runs.


YCFTN appointed Boof and Schlang to open the batting. Despite what looked like a self stitch-up from Schlang at one stage during their 4 overs, the lads chasing 21 for the skin, make a cautious 12 runs, with Boof making 11 of them and Schlangy a grand total of 1 run and narrowly avoiding a negative score and a cha-ching.

Second pair of Herschelle and Forrest (YCFTN) went in to make a progression on the score. Herschelle managed to avoid getting out (always nice work) but YCFTN wasn’t as fortunate, despite some fine swaying that even the Great Man Wa Wa would’ve been proud of, the pair equalled the skin with 36 runs, making Da Famulee 48 runs in total after 8 overs.

Our 3rd pair of Skip and Bukkake were next and it would seem that Skip was not only brilliant with his bowling but just as good with the bat, crafting 16 runs with some ‘dabbage’ as only the Skip can. Boo-Cake swung the bat in a fine and typical manner that we’ve become accustomed to make 11 runs and our total moves to 75 runs after 12 overs. We win the skin and are now only 7 runs in arrears with a batting pair to come.


After a heated paper, rock, scissors between Knuckles and Sticks, the boys decide that they’ll block 2 and score on the 3rd ball to ensure they meet a winning score. All good in theory but in true Famulee form, it doesn’t work. Sticks gets bowled on the 1st ball he faces. Oh dear…so close and yet so far. Sticks makes up for his shortfall with the only zak for the night, Knuckles works the centre circle (where you can never get out) and finish with a partnership of 34 runs, a few shy of the skin, but overall, a victory to Da Famulee by 27 runs.

So, after 4 games for 2007, Da Famulee stands at 2 wins and 2 losses, but somehow I know we’re going to make the finals.

Top scores with the bat:
Herschelle – 24 runs
Sticks – 21 runs
Skip 16 runs.

Skip – 5 wickets
Bukkake & Knuckles – 4 wickets each.


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