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the debarkle at the G

(Season 15 Game 6)

Having dobbed in random blokes for the last three months, telling them they were the CFTN when they asked who was was inevitable that eventually Reub's would get wind of this and teach me a time was this week and Reuben made sure I was clearly indicated the lead jester in the team of clowns brought together under the Big Top that is the house of Blardy Farken.

We lost the toss and got to bat....not sure how that worked, but we didn't argue. Forest & BooCake happened to be standing in front of me as I reached the bottom of the stairs, so using my keenly honed strategic mind, I told 'em to open up for us. What a job they did, 20 off the first over and finishing with 62, shared evenly 29 & 33, left us looking the goods early on.

Someone somewhere must have made the call early....the fates intervened and after hearing something similar to a "Surely" so soon, did their best to undo our chances.

This started with Skip & I going in second, personally finishing with -10 and Skip on 17, left the score looking pretty good after 8, but that was still only due to Forest & CarKeys.

Pabs & Ruby-Roo came in third pair. For the second week in a row, Roobs has zacked it up, leaving me looking ordinary and doing the same for Kleenex this week. That'll teach 'em for bowling to her like she was a chick.... Roobs finished with 20 well compiled runs, after learning not to back up too far when running with the K Kid. Kleenex came off with a goldy marked against his ledger, in the same fashion I had managed - individual negative, although in Pabs defence, he was still 9 runs better than me.

The last pair, Bevo and Mary had some work to do to give us a decent target....I was hoping for more than a 9 and 16 respectively, but 25 runs is better than a poke in the eye with a pointy stick, I can confirm this from experience.

Time for us to take the field, I don't think I had a chance of arguing with anyone they were more deserving than me to take the wig, so after my -10, I find myself on court, wig on head wondering who to open the bowling with. Noone has really cheesed me off to be a stand-out candidate for 1 & 16, so I let Kleenex lead off and checked out the bullpen for my next option on the the time Kleenex, Skip, Forest and MalarKi had finished, the opposition (Bushies by the way) were on 44 and having lost the skin were still comforatably under way in their chase of our paltry 113. Two wickets taken in the first four overs.

The next four were taken by Mary, ,yself, Rooby Roo and Bev-wah....least said the wickets and the Bushies equal with our total.....

It didn't get any better from there, one wicket to Bevo in the next four overs and two to me against the last pairing meant we were only capable of saving 25 runs and the Bushies finshed with 235....that's a flogging.

Highlights included:

Bukkake sitting with his back turned behind the stumps off my bowling, because he'd lost Paper, Rock Scissors and had to bowl the 16th...
Steve Groper hitting the first zack I've seen him hit in a couple of years off
Bevo, then backing up for another 3 balls later in the same over....
Kleenex dropping a catch off his own bowling.....
....then when Forest got a foot under one off his own bowling, it popped up to
Pabs, who didn'ty realise the ball was still live and he dropped that one too for another Cha-ching.....
Mary giving up the back net, leaving it to me and helping the kitty out expensive night for Kleenex and Herc.....

Just to summarise then.....

This club is pharked.....oi!

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