Kincaid Chronicle

23rd May

(Season 14 Game 22)

well once again there was a gathering at the house of farkin for a game of cricket

on arriving to the centre we found no skipper had been selected so i was then elected skipper . upon losing the toss they elected to field,

first in forrest and hersch
forrest 28 hersch 11 good start i thought

second i herc in bevo
herc 29 bevo the wheels are falling off the wagon -14

Herc was actually playing like a man possessed scoring more runs in
this game than the other 5 he has played this season put together. Dare
we say it, Herc actually looked like a cricketer. Apologies for this
sladerous remark but sometimes the truth must be told.

third in mojo and bukkake(aka commando roll perfectionist)

Garry "Gaz" Mattison kept Bukkake on his toes by giving him a warning 
for a Mandkad to which Bukkake responded by attemting to twist himself into
a pretzel whilst feet still glued to the floor and falling over like a
drunkard back into his crease.

mojo 27 bukkake 36 things are looking up

fourth in sticks and mary

Calls of yes, no. No Running, running, running each other out putting 
on a spectacle of stitchup runouts amused the spectators no end.

sticks 24 mary 14

So with having 151 on the board we went into the field .

mojo,herc,bevo and forrest kept the first pair to 19

mary,hersch,bevo and bukkake kept the second pair to 25

Herschelle needing only 5 wickets in this game to reach 500 failed yet
again to take a wicket. The night was not looking good for the young man
having only 2 wickets to his name in the last 4 weeks to his name.

sticks with 1 legal ball, being the last, in his over (cha ching),mojo,mary,and bukkake kept the third pair to 49

sticks with some top bowling redeemed himself by taking 4 wickets, forrest,herc and hersch kept the last pair to 12

The final over going to Hersch, surely he couldn't go another game 
with no wickets! No tonight was not to be another wicketless affair not if
he had anything to do with it. Taking 4 wickets in the first six balls to
edge ever so close to the magic 500. Dot ball from the seventh and a dot
from the eighth ended the innings with Herschelle now sitting on 499

from the game we recieve 4 skins and the win look out there may be more trophys in the cupboard yet.

YCFTN bevo

A number of milestones fell this evening, congratulations to:

Forrest 2500 Career Runs (Forrest got his first 'cause he batted before Mojo)
Mojo 2500 Career Runs
Bacardi 200 Career Wickets

Bacardi 100 Season Runs
Sticks 25 Season Wickets

Watch out next week, surely Herschelle can take just one wicket to be the
second partridge to reach 500 Career Wickets.


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