The 10 Commandments

  1. Thou shalt, at all times, question the sexual preference of officials, spectators and players alike. Name calling of such dubious quality such as "poof" or "wanker" is encouraged, especially where it is directly aimed toward thou own team-mates. Sledging of the opposition is not encouraged as it is seen as a waste of energy, especially seeing as thou should be directing such sledging toward one of our players.
  2. Thou shalt, at all times, enjoy any such proceedings that the Famulee engage in. Failure to do so will result in a fine of one gold coin donation*, payable to the treasurer after the following game.
  3. A fine payable to the treasurer at games end, of one gold coin donation*, shall occur whence one or more of the following occurs :
  1. Failure to partake in Famulee engagements or activities shall result in a one game suspension. To include thee, thou must, where directed, wear socks, hat or other questionable attire to play thou great game. Where it is deemed that the player directly flaunts this rule and is found to have purposefully not engaged in such activities, thou player shall appear "dacked" in the upstairs establishment and suspended for one game. Thou team mates shall holler "pants down" and other such dubious cries, to the fun and jest of thou fellow suffering team-mate.
  2. Where a player contributes a net value of a negative score three games in succession, thou player shall receive a one game suspension.
  3. It is encouraged that team mates ensure commandment 5 is adhered to, and somewhat tampered with, by attempting to run thou batting partner out on as many occasions as is humanly possible, or misfield as many deliveries as possible.
  4. If a player is to go through three successive matches without losing a wicket whilst batting, this shall result in a one game suspension.
  5. If a player is to go through three successive matches without obtaining a wicket in any form whilst bowling, this shall result in a one game suspension.
  6. All fines are payable to the treasurer immediately after the game, unless previously notified. If a fine is not paid, thou fine shall double each week until being paid.
  7. A "false accusation" will result in one gold coin donation*. Anyone mentioning the phrase "Cha-ching" or "fine" where it is definitely not payable, shall result in the fine being reversed and paid by them, to the treasurer at games end.

One gold coin donation - must be of Australian currency
Captain - anyone who is deemed to take charge of such aforementioned team. The e-mail address of whom is
Kitty - The vessel which contains donations and fines
Treasurer - The current holder of the Kitty
Facility - Currently the upstairs bar area at Weston ICA
Grassed - Where a fielder gets any part of their hand on the ball, but does not complete the catch themselves, the 'grassee' shall still pay a gold coin donation - even if a fellow fielder completes a catch.
Parry - Where a fielder doth get any portion of a hand on a ball travelling directly from the bat to the back net that results in a zak being scored.

NOTE : All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. The score sheet never lies. The captain of the night is responsible for making decisions regarding fines where they are subject to conjecture. A "dolly" shall be voted upon by thou team mates (ie, you havenít got a chance in hell of getting out of paying the fine!).