How we began...

by Gadj

G'day, my name is Scott Amos, one of the founding members and captain of the Partridge Famulee Indoor Cricket team.

Our story begins in Canberra ACT in July 99 on a Thursday drinking night at my mate, Jason Wrights' place. A few work colleagues had gathered for a few quiet drinks. I mentioned to Jase and some of Jase's workmates that I wouldn't mind starting up an indoor cricket team but didn't know whether I'd have the numbers. Jase jumped at the opportunity and so did about 5 of his workmates. Suddenly we had a team (well almost).

One problem was that we still hadn't founded a name for the team. Well after several bourbons and beers, the team name was decided, and The Partridge Famulee was born. The idea was brought to life because of another founding member's (Tim Willson) idea that he could drive his 84 Tarago to and from our place. Hmm, an 8 seater for an 8 a side cricket team, sounded too good. All we needed was somewhere to play and to complete the numbers and we were away. A quick e mail around to the troops that weren't there and suddenly we had over 11 people interested. I should've known, but when I asked Jase if he was interested he said "Bout time someone organised it, we're too lazy to do something about it but if you organise it, then yep I'll play for sure". I should've pulled the plug before getting in this deep.

Next problem, to find an arena to play at. For this, we are forever endebted to Tony Floros (or Tony Blardyfarken to us). Although with his managerial skills I think he owes us a lot. He not only has the arena (Weston Indoor Sports) but the incompetencies of managing a business that fits in with us so well. Photo of indoor cricket game in progress

To say we're a motley crue of misfits would be apt. All of us are public or ex public servants but in our spare time we like to drink, drink and drink some more. For those male Partridge Famulee members, women is our equal first thing to "do" but most of us are pretty ordinary at that too. Which takes me to my next point, we're ordinary at just about everything we do. Anyone that is deemed to be successful in anything they attempt is banished from the team. We forgive them, usually because we get drunk and sign documents stating that the banishment is rescinded.

Some of our original members have moved on to greener pastures but taken the tradition of ordinariness with them. Those members are remembered in our Players Profiles and we salute them whereever they are.

Enjoy poking around at our our website. Don't think it's gonna be too flash, because that wouldn't be us. Although, my house mate Clint is making this gi-normous. That's another thing about us, give us something small and we'll make it into something ridiculously huge. Only we can do stuff like that and get away with it.

Basically we like to enjoy ourselves at everything we do, but we make sure we don't take ourselves too seriously and therefore have a ball in being bad at stuff.

One way we celebrate our mediocrity is the Houndstooth Jacket. First awarded to Luke in May 2000, the jacket has now a short but historic tradition. This is a jacket awarded to honour the best and most brilliant individual player of the season.

To keep everyone under check and also to raise money for the end of season piss up, we set up the Ten Commandments which cause lots of controversy from time to time. The idea behind it is simple. Anyone committing an immortal sin is fined one gold coin. That coin goes into the kitty and effectively we pay for our own end of season drinks.

If you get a chance, check out our counterparts website The Chookless Heads in South Australia of which I'm another founding member.

To get to know us better, check out our mug shots and player profiles. If you'd like to go out on a date with anyone of us, just e mail us at

Here's good drinkin to ya!

Partridge Famulee Sporting Club